March 21, 2010

I’m now home and recovering, and in a very funny state due to the pain killers.
Dr. Ovadia said the process went quite well and that he was able to go through the same scar as the 1st. He also told me that I am quite the charmer while under anesthesia and that he can see me as becoming quite the director. I tried to ask more but he wasn’t giving full details as to what exactly I said.
Prior to surgery all I remember is discussing my University in terms of being division 3 in most athletics then saying “Whoah, there’s the drugs,” and then waking up in the recovery room asking where the painkillers were. The left side of my chest felt like it was on fire… but once the pain killers were injected I was able to relax and continue humming/singing (note: these memories are VERY hazy) “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa. After watching all of the nurses work on me and the patients around me and then having a very in depth and emotional heart to heart with my mother about my fears of never finding love and dying alone I was given the option of checking in and staying in the hospital over night or going home. I opted for receiving harder painkillers and antibiotics intravenously over night and proceeded to spend the night flipping between The Finer Living Network (only channel I know that still shows Iron Chef Japan), the Military Channel, and E! while receiving sober and drunk texts and phone calls from friends.
I’ll leave you at that while I return to watching TV with my fluffy self-dubbed guard dog, Baxter. Baxter, a little maltese poodle mix, has decided that I am his ward and that it is his job and his alone to protect me. He’s been curling up next to me and barking at the slightest noise and movement when he doesn’t recognize it. He also spent half the night trying to get into my room and hop up into my bed. cutest guard dog EVERBaxter


One Response to “Recovery”

  1. Stacy said

    Yeah, military channel! Isn’t it great to think that SOMEONE was interested enough in the 19th Jewish Tank Battalion on the European Front to make a 42-minute show? Hopeful, yeah?

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