Attack of the Post-its!

November 30, 2011

Hard at work starting the process of organizing all of the footage and prepping it for the editing room! Just wanted to give you an idea of what we’re up to in between shoots. Still hard at work plotting out how we’re going to enter into full blown post production mode.
Post-its Attack!
originally posted at 2am –> yes, I am a nightowl


Coming up this week

November 27, 2011

-ICD check up with Dr. Ovadia

-scheduling filming for the rest of December

The schedule will be dependent upon what happens at the checkup. My sister, Allison, is due for a new ICD. At the last appointment her device was slowly approaching ERI (elective replacement indicator) and we’ll find out if it’s there or not.

The uncertainty’s mildly annoying but at least it falls when she’s off work (even if it will be during the holiday).

for more info on the nuances and functions of an ICD, check out THIS ARTICLE. Little intense on the details, and yes, focuses on the fact that its still the misconception that only elderly patients have them, but it’s very informative on the device’s functions and makeup.

Mayo Clinic preview

November 23, 2011

Talked to one of Dr. Ackerman’s assistants today. Starting December 13th I will be live blogging (to the best of my abilities at least since I’m still fairly certain cell phones aren’t allowed around most of the equipment).
Now, what tests will I be going through? So far the following has been scheduled:

CT Scan
EKGs focusing on looking for Brugada Syndrome and Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy
24 hour halter monitor
stress Echocardiogram
chest x-ray
treadmill stress test

It feels like we’re backtracking a bit but since we’ve yet to get diagnosed, it would be silly to not do tests I haven’t had done since I was 13.
i was actually more surprised that they didn’t put in an order for a Tilt Test but more tests can be ordered if they see a reason for it.

Now, on to planning how one films these tests.

Getting Ready for Mayo

November 13, 2011

the Capp Act

October 25, 2011

Representative Lois Capp (D-California) wrote the Teaching Children to Save Lives Act. She’s working to get more representatives on board as co-sponsors and will hopefully have it passed soon.
to learn more about the act, and to learn more about what you can do to help prevent deaths caused by sudden cardiac arrests, CLICK HERE!

Photos from our last shoot!

October 19, 2011

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the 5th SADS Foundation International Conference!
Major thanks to everyone at SADS for hosting a fantastic conference!

National Heart Health Day

September 29, 2011

check out some activities going on on and around World Heart Day.

The Importance of AEDs

September 13, 2011


No exceptions.

because sometimes the first symptom is sadly the last.

Note on the logo

March 13, 2011

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the artist who designed the logo: Tom Tian.
He’s an insanely talented photographer, animator, cartoonist, all around amazing visual artist and I highly recommend you check out his work HERE!

short update

March 22, 2010

I’m off all of the heavy drugs. My pain is very very low and just some minor swelling left, which is expected as it’s a fairly deep tissue incision. I can take off the bandages in about 8 days and I should be done with my antibiotics around then as well. The bottle sitting on my kitchen counter is rathe intimidating but Dr. Ovadia wanted to make sure I have enough incase my symptoms don’t go according to the best case scenario.
so for now, I’m just trying to remind myself to be lazy and not use my left arm for the next few days/weeks. Surprisingly harder than it sounds once you start getting stir crazy.

Ovadia and me

right before I was properly discharged from the hospital