5 Responses to “Contact Me!”

  1. Ginelle said

    Hello, my name is ginelle,
    Currently i’m 18 and have had an ICD since I was 13. I’m very curious about your documentary it sounds like an incredible idea and would love to hear about it also if you need any help I would be more than happy to aid you. Although i’ve been living with my device for almost 6 years now I have also recieved 7 unneeded shocks and had a lead replacement done, this spring i’m looking at my battery placement surgery as well. I’m always so happy when I find things like this since it’s really amazing to see people spreading the word and working to further science in this field. So best of luck with this project it sounds incredible

  2. Hi Jaclyn,
    I know I am much older than your “target”, but I came across your blog a couple months back and was happy to find it.
    I’m 42 years old and was diagnosed with Long QT in January. I was inplanted with an ICD a few days later.
    Keep up the good work and take care of yourself! I look forward to watching the film when it’s finished!
    Kelly Kottmeier

  3. Hi Jacky,

    I’d like to help…contact me at

  4. Nina Morales said

    Hi Jacky,

    This past year my two brothers and I were discovered to have long qt’s and we were later diagnosed with an mutation that causes sudden cardiac arrest. My twin brother, 18, was immediately given an ICD. While I received mine more recently, on christmas eve. I can’t wait to see your movie.

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