What does donating get you (aside from a warm and fuzzy feeling inside)?

$5 or more = Love, Love, Love!
Our undying love and affection, “Thank you” credit on the Official Website’s “Donors” page, and updates on the film and its progress via email.

$10 or more = Thank You, Emily Post Style!

All of the above, along with a personal thank you note from the director, Jaclyn Todd.

$25 or more = The Movie!
All of the above, along with a DVD copy of the final film!

$50 or more = A Picture’s Worth…
All of the above, with a “Special Thank You” credit on the Website’s Donors” page, and a high-quality print of the Official Poster (which can always be signed upon request!)

$100 or more = Wearables!

All of the above, as well as a “Diary of a Cyborg” t-shirt and a special link to view exclusive special features, sneak peeks, and teasers from the film.

$250 or more = Tickets, tickets!
All of the above, plus “Special Thanks” in the end credits of the film, as well as two tickets to the official premiere screening (although travel is not included, unfortunately!)

$500 or more = The Box Set!

All of the above, including a personalized, exclusive box set of high-quality prints of various awesomenes, including on-set photos, print-puts of Jaclyn’s ICD readings, and early drafts of artwork. These sets will come in personalized, numbered packaging and will include a specially authored and exclusive DVD.

$1,000 or more = Wine and Dine Screening!

All of the above, including “Very Special Thanks” credit on the website and End Credits of the film. You will also receive an invitation to an intimate, early screening of the film, to take place prior to the premiere. This will include wine and cheese with the film’s main crew, other high-level funders, and close friends and family at a private location!

$3,000 or more = a lil somethin’ somethin’
All of the above, plus an “Associate Producer” credit in the film (and on all related documents and press), an invitation to early “test screenings” while still in the editing process, and several, personalized, handmade “thank you” gifts from Jaclyn and the crew, including a personal video thank you and various homemade jewelry and kitsch from the crew. You will also receive an invitation to have lunch with director, Jaclyn, and/or producer, Meredith, on us, of course!

$5,000 or more = Dinner a la the Crew

All of the above, plus an invitation to an exclusive dinner party, featuring the culinary works of Meredith and Jackie and fine beer pairings for each course… sure to be the social event of the season! Travel and lodging are not provided, unfortunately, but we’ll definitely work around your schedule!

$10,000 or more = Executive Producer Status!
All of the above, with an “Executive Producer” credit on the film. What does this get you? Early access to updates, news, and exclusive clips, and screener copies of various cuts of the film in order to get your feedback during the editorial process.
That’s right! For $10,000, we want YOUR OPINION AND FEEDBACK DURING THE PROCESS OF OUR FILM! The perfect choice for the budding film entrepreneur!


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